Marketing and PR are typically lumped together as one in the same. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You can be a great marketer but a terrible PR person, and vice-versa. You need to look at them separately if you’re going to maximize the potential within your company.

So how do these two fields work together to help maximize your company’s potential?

What is the Main Difference?

First, we need to examine the main differences between the two. The big divide is quite simple to understand. Marketers are more concerned with measuring metrics and tweaking online and offline campaigns to drive more sales. A PR person is more concerned with the company’s image in the media.

The work of a marketer directly influences the work of a PR person, and vice-versa. PR people tend to manage brands as a whole, whereas marketers focus on driving sales to specific products.

How they Work Together to Make a Brand Whole

Marketers and PR people both have the same goal. They’re there to drive sales. To work together and make a brand whole, these two departments must communicate and work together. Occasionally they may even share the same goals.

So just how do they work together to make a brand whole?

PR people tend to think about how people perceive the brand. Online reputation is a big issue for them, and so is putting out any potential fires before they start to cause serious damage to the brand. Marketers rely on the PR department to avoid damaging the brand, otherwise the fluidity of their marketing campaigns could come under threat.

On the other hand, marketers are there to not cause problems in the first place. A PR person may be the company’s shield against the media, but it’s up to marketers to avoid causing problems to begin with. Instead, PR people should be going on the offensive and promoting the brand, rather than defending it.

What are the Most Common Misconceptions about PR and Marketing?

Marketing Pros are PR Pros – This couldn’t be further from the truth. Just because a marketer created a successful PPC campaign doesn’t mean they know the first thing about pitching a business or getting in touch with a local radio station.

PR is Offline – PR is increasingly about online interactions. Managing a firm’s online reputation has become just as important as managing its offline reputation.

Creativity is Related ONLY to Advertising – This couldn’t be further from the truth. Marketers and PR people express creativity in different ways. Both departments must strategize and must set themselves apart from their counterparts at other companies. A lack of creativity is killer for any marketing or PR department.

Conclusion – The Same but Different

Marketing and PR are two departments that have never been closer. But that doesn’t make them the same. The key to making the most of both within your company is communication. Coordinate your efforts and you’ll get more from both parties.

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