Thought leadership is about becoming the ‘go to’ person in your field. Thought leaders are the people who everyone else looks to for opinions. It’s not just about being an authority, it’s about utilizing a brand. But you have to work at it if you’re going to boost your brand.

These are four easy ways in which you can take advantage of thought leadership for the purposes of your brand.


Create a Personal Website 

Your personal website is the one platform you have total control over. If you don’t have one you’re curtailing your potential. Start making one today. A simple WordPress website is all you need to get started. Attach a personal blog and you’re well on your way.

Remember that the advantage of a personal website is that you’re not competing with anyone else. It’s all about you.


Connect with Other Influencers 

The way to become a major influencer is to use other influencers to enhance your image. Re-Tweet the thoughts of other influencers and follow your mentors on Twitter. Make a real effort to create a relationship with them. This should happen no matter how well-known you are.

The reason for this is that you’re using their feeds to promote your own brand. You’re accessing an audience you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

You should be supporting others as much as you toot your own horn.


Write, Write, Write

You may wonder why this is so important. But it’s crucial for two reasons. First, you can’t just talk about yourself all the time. You have to be able to provide real value to others. Blatant self-promotion is only going to turn people away from your brand.

Thought leaders are so important because they provide new insights to everyone else. This is providing value and it’s creating a level of trust, therefore you should be writing as much as you can.

Two great platforms every thought leader should be on is LinkedIn Pulse and Medium. These should act as the core of your social media campaigns.


Start a Podcast

Podcasting has grown in popularity over the years. It’s one of the best ways to spread your message to the masses because podcasts can be listened to on the go.

SoundCloud is an ideal platform for this. Bring on guests you admire and who bring value to your brand. This will not only help you to build an audience it will spread your message everywhere.
Take note that podcasts take a while to build and you have to commit to a consistent release schedule if you’re going to sustain your momentum.


Last Word – Why Thought Leadership Matters

Thought leaders go beyond the average salesperson. They’re the ones at the forefront of the industry. This is where ordinary people get their information and advice. Take advantage of that and you’ll be able to boost your brand beyond anyone else.

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