Content marketing is the key to making sure that your business thrives, and has become a big part of most organizations public relations strategies. Social media is one of the big influences on the changes to content marketing going into 2017. Specifically, it’s altering the way your target audience consumes content. Here are the three main ways that social media is altering the way everyone is consuming content.

Immediate Response Time

The first big way that content is changing is that it’s becoming more attuned to what people want. The fact that you can get an immediate response from customers and customers can get an immediate response from you takes engagement to a whole new level.

You need to keep in mind that replying fast is what prevents people from forgetting about you. Social media gives you a chance to respond and be responded to in a matter of seconds. Instant feedback also dilutes the shelf life of ordinary content. When people have seen something they’re ready to move on.

The Move to Video

Video content started out on social media as a fad. All that has changed and now video dominates the various feeds on social media. This is all due to the mobile revolution. Social media apps were quick to take advantage of it through delivering a high-quality experience before anyone else.

Now, most traffic comes from mobile devices. Video content is the easiest content to consume on a small screen with limited time. This has caused a major shift among businesses. These businesses are now focusing almost entirely on video because that’s what their target audience wants.

Moving to video has never been cheaper or more affordable. You don’t need a Hollywood budget to produce a good video. All you need is a basic HD camera and some editing equipment, which can all be obtained relatively cheap.

Celebrities and Influencers are Responding and Sharing Content

Getting a big name to endorse you used to require a lot of hard work on your part. The main problem was that they usually only responded to inquiries from large companies, and all inquiries went through a middle man. Social media lets brands contact celebrities directly. Furthermore, these celebrities can share and promote brands just because they like them.

It’s altered the way content is consumed because it’s now influencer-driven. Influencers have huge followings and a simple mention from them can completely change the game.

In terms of content consumption, many members of the public choose to concentrate on what their favorite celebrities are promoting. It’s also changed the way that businesses market. Influencer marketing has grown and evolved into its own field.

Conclusion – Content is Changing

You need to keep up with all the changes in content consumption. There’s too much competition and you will be overtaken if you fall behind by even a few months. Content has never changed at such an incredible rate, and it means that businesses must keep their fingers on the pulse like never before.

How do you think content has changed due to social media? You can learn more about getting more publicity through multiple outlets by checking out our PR Accelerator. 

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