The key to successful PR is to ensure you’re aware of the latest trends. Without a firm knowledge of what’s going on in the wider industry, you’ll struggle to promote your company. In 2017, there are set to be three main changes you must consider. This guide is going to help you understand what these trends are and how you need to alter your strategy.

The Coming of Influencer Marketing

The concept of influencer marketing is to use major voices in your industry to promote your brand. Rather than targeting your audience with something that you created, you get others to do it for you. This can expose your brand to people who never would have otherwise encountered it.

You can attract influencers in a number of ways. Feel free to hire them, inspire them, or just offer a trade-off between your two brands. It’s amazing how a simple Facebook post or an Instagram picture can promote a brand like nothing else, if it’s from the right person.

Use Visual Storytelling

The mobile revolution had a few key changes on the world of marketing. One of these big changes was that people are now more interested in visual storytelling and videos than they were before. The technology is there and visual storytelling is the easiest way for an ordinary person to consume content on the go.

So, what should you focus on to take advantage of this PR trend in 2017?

Consider using YouTube, Facebook Live, and Snapchat to get some traction on social media. These methods have been proven to improve customer engagement.

Produce Unique Online Pitches Every Time

Whenever you pitch your company’s story to a reporter you can increase your chances by offering a unique pitch every time. It will take more time to produce something entirely unique, but it’s well worth your time because it will make it more likely that a reporter is going to be interested.

One of the worst things you can do is to produce a generic pitch and send it to everyone. Reporters are aware of when brands are doing this just from the wording. Many reporters will simply ignore these standardized pitches.

What is the other reason unique online pitches are going to become more of a thing?

The simple fact is that unique online pitches also come with choosing your targets carefully. Companies are going to stop sending pitches to absolutely every reporter they can find. Focus on crafting relationships with a small handful of reporters who can help you out.

Conclusion – PR is Changing in Some Ways and Not in Others

These trends may seem new to you. The reality is that they come from the same principles that have dominated PR for years: personalization, early adoption, and getting to the significant part. If you can adopt these principles, you’re more likely to find it easier to stick to the trends and you should have few problems keeping up with your competitors.

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